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First of all, we at do not dismiss the possibility of the earth entering a warming cycle. This is entirely possible based on weather data over the past decade. What we would like to argue is the cause of this shift as a natural trend and not in any great measure caused by man.

This site's mission is to expose the folly of the Global Warming scam and the true agenda of Al gore and his cult followers of using the Global Warming facade to attack American industry. By attempting to impose unfair restrictions on American businesses while giving a pass to countries like China and India who are major contributors of so called green-house gases, the radical left led by Al Gore will attempt to damage American productivity furthering their quest towards global socialism.

The site will be available as a clearing house of articles demonstrating counter arguments to the Global Warming myth. Since the mainstream press tend to bury news stories that attack the credibility of Al Gore and his followers, we will provide a soap box for these ideas. We will also be providing a closely monitored forum for discussions and a free exchange of ideas and opinions. I will not censor these forums, but I will make every attempt to keep the exchanges civil.

Look for the site to get into full operation by first quarter 2009. The site will research any story that is sent for review pro & con. I welcome dissenting opinions and those who feel that we are dead wrong. So far, the science just doesn't back up the rhetoric.

Please start checking for the site in January as I hope to have things operational here by then.